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6 Traits of a Natural-Born Entrepreneur

Every entrepreneur is unique, but they all tend to have common traits. They embody an optimism unlike most. They are risk takers and have no problem putting it all on the line. They have an ability to handle failure without letting it discourage them.

Natural-born entrepreneurs are leaders that know how to create more leaders. They have no tolerance for excuses and refuse to accept excuses from their team. They work harder and smarter than others. Natural-born entrepreneurs embody a burning desire to succeed- by any means necessary.

Normal people that do not embody these traits have a completely different work ethic. Although they may be hard workers, they lack that burning desire that will make them push forward - no matter what. You can teach a person many things, but that burning desire to SUCCEED is within natural-born entrepreneurs from birth.

How to determine if you embody the skills and traits of a Natural-Born Entrepreneur?

1) When the thought of failing doesn't phase you.

2) When you're able to embrace adversity.

3) When you're willing to work despite being sick, tired, hungry or broke.

4) If opportunity never presents itself, you figure out a way to create an opportunity.

5) When you're able to leverage your relationships or resources to benefit yourself and others.

6) When you don't give a shit what "they" think or say about you.

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