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Creating and Leveraging Rich Relationships

Being kind and friendly breeds likability and trust. People like to do business with others they like and feel are trustworthy. Having a positive attitude is just as important. Very few people understand the importance of a positive attitude and positive communication. Most people don't realize that simple things like good eye contact, a pleasant smile and positive energy will take you places beyond your imagination. A simple kind gesture or a few words of encouragement can make a person feel loved, accepted or even hopeful. It also speaks volumes about your character. It's important to realize that creating rich relationships in business and in life goes far beyond one could ever imagine.

Leveraging your relationships for personal gain isn't just ok, it's actually smart. It would behoove you to utilize your relationships/friendships with people that have a wealth of knowledge, fantastic connections and excessive means and resources. I mean that's what friends are for, right? Of course!

Relationships are give and take. Whether a relationship is personal or professional, it's meant to be created, nurtured and leveraged in a respectful manner for the betterment of both parties.

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